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Hello World, Hello 2022!

I have to say, for someone being a blogger since 2005, it feels tremendously awkward to write a Hello World post in 2022.

Truth to be told, it’s been a while, literally years since I last posted something to this (English) blog. It meant to be used for advanced, programmers topics, because writing specific advanced technical topic to small Serbo-Croatian speaking readers felt like … well not like talking to the walls, but let’s say talking to really small bunch of people, part of local dev communities. So I decided, I’ll keep it separate, posting engineers topic to EN for broader public, and everything else to SR blog. Most of my fellow Serbian devs speak perfect English anyway. And it was fine.

But then it came 2017, I’ve moved to Germany and all of sudden had plenty of material for my Serbian (non) IT friends. How’s in Germany, how to find a job, how much are taxes, why the hell are rents so crazy expensive in Munich etc. And the good old Serbian blog was fully back in business.

But it’s been 5 years since then, and I think I’m done. Nothing more to say, nothing left that wouldn’t include politics, pollution, god know which reason why we left, and reopening that book would just … hurt.

So I thought, let’s start blogging again and let’s start fresh new. Because irony is, when I moved to Munich, I met plenty of new people and some of them I convinced to start blogging, while for some of them were already doing it, I successfully convinced them that Medium is not the right place to be. The right place is that fuzzy little warm page with domain name you picked on whatever tech stack you want, where you have everything, just everything under control!

So clean plate was initial idea – get rid of everything and start fresh new! But then I saw, I can’t just remove all those prehistoric posts. Maybe they are from 2008, maybe they are useless these days, but hey, they are part of me, an old chap trying to stay on top of everything in his late 40’s.

So damn. Let’s roll the damn thing over again, put shiny new things on the top and see how it’s gonna be.

* Traffic lights taken from my first website iteration in 2003, thank you Web Archive!

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