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This is my first post in English after very long time. If I don’t count the one related to curl http client class update, I haven’t written anything on my English Blog since august 2007!

Unfortunately I had very good reason for doing that. My daughter got sick, very sick. She have Leukemia (ALL), so since October 2007 my life was twisted upside down. We had to move to Belgrade where she started with chemotherapy treatments which was really hard with plenty of complications and life treating conditions. With so much time spent in hospital and other related obligations, I really didn’t have spare time to deal with my Blog, neither to be honest i felt like writing anything about programming etc. I wrote few post on Serbian since than, but most of them were not related to programming or anything Web Dev alike.

Anyway few weeks ago she is done with intensive phase of chemotherapy, we’ve back home to our home town and it seams like things are moving back to normal. She is not done with therapy thought since Leukemia treatments last several years, but she have good chances to fully recover so we are trying to be positive and act like everything is completely normal.

Speaking of that after really hard year for us I decided to do something for myself and finally get one Apple :). I spent some considerably big amount of money to get one MacBook Pro. I even made unboxing gallery on Flickr, I guess after you drop like $2k USD for something you really want to save that moment for later. Now when I have it for a month almost I think it is worth the money. As a matter of fact I think it’s price in Europe (which is at least 33% bigger than in USA) is appropriate for what you get, while in USA I would consider it cheap 😉

Anyway, in next months other than usual LAMP stuff you can expect even text about Mac OS X applications, Darwin etc. For example my company use some socks5 proxy/public key setup to access to servers, which was pain in the ass to setup on Mac. I plan to write about things like that. And last but not least, I’ve already booked conference pass on FOWA conference, so I really feel my English should be improved to higher level. Maintaining English Blog should help I guess 🙂