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Spam Carma 2

If you run Word Press based blog, and getting a lot of spam comments on it, this plugin is right for you.

Unlike other spam killers (like Akismet plugin which behave badly with non english comments), Spam Carma 2 kills 100% of spam, and never have a problems with regular comments.

Spam Carma 2 contains several spam filters, where restriction for each of them can be set to higher or lower level. For example, there is a Stopwatch which make sure commenter has been on page for a certain number of seconds before commenting, Javascript Payload which embed a few Javascript commands in comment form (users with JS turned off only receives a small penalty) and plenty of other stuff like captcha check which is displayed only if commenter is not recognized as normal user.

Since I’ve installed it, Spam Carma killed more than 300 spam commenters without actually stopping any regular comment!

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