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Google Page Creator

Don’t know about you, but I have difficulties to follow up with all services Google announce almost each day. GMail, GMap, GTalk, GCal, GSpreadsheets, … and lately we got Google Page Creator.

Google Page Creator is another one Web 2.0 application, which allow us to create Web Pages in a snap. Like with others simmilar tools, you don’t have to know html or any other technology, all you need is your browser and little creativity. Unlike other tools Page Creator is very easy to use (thanks to very good Ajax implementation), so in as little as 5 minutes you can come up with your new Web Site. Such site will be indexed by google shortly, and will be hosted free on address like:

You can see results of my 5 minute Page Creatoru session here :)

Web 2.0 IM

If you are addicted to various Instant Messenger programs (MSN, ICQ, etc.), and somehow you don’t have a proper client available, Meebo is right thing for you.

Meebo is another one Web 2.0 application which serve as replacement for popular desktop applications. Mebo works like “all in one” IM client (like GAIM or Trillian), and so far it support ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, Jabber and MSN protocols. I’ve tested it for a while with ICQ (which is the one I prefer) and so far it worked fine. If nothing else, very good way to keep ICQ history accessible from any place on the Earth :)

meebo u akciji

IE Tab Extension

Proud user of Firefox but also tired of switching to IE every time you need to open some “IE Only” site (your home banking for example) ? Or you are professional Web Developer and must test your sites in IE ? There is solution to this problem, and it’s name is IE Tab!

Thanks to this firefox extension, you will get IE functionality embeded into Firefox, in simmmilar way it is already implemented in Netscape 8. Simple, after you install IE Tab, by clicking to IE Tab icon you can switch rendering engine, but also, you can predefine sites which will be rendered with IE tab by default.

MySQL Workbench

The best Open Source tool for Database design DB Designer is about to get successor, and it’s name is MySQL Workbench.

MySQL Workbench is currently in beta stage, but it already has support for new features of MySQL 5 (triggers, views, stored procedures) as well as all features of DbDesigner. Very nice video (flash) introduction of MySQL Workbench features is available here.