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Browser Detection Update

Long time ago I developed Browser Detection Class which is able to recognize most of popular browser/OS’s used today.

For example FF on my macbook pro would be recognized like this:
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 / Mac OS X

Very useful stuff in case you have to redirect your users to different pages depending of browser version or to maintain your own site browser/os usage statistics.

Today I had a chance to update it with support for Windows Vista, Google Chrome and iPhone.

You can download complete code with usage examples by following this link.

Barače Obama budi uvek s nama

Or translated in Serbian “Barak Obama be always with us”. That was the title of the poster that young people in Belgrade/Serbia put on “Kosovo is Serbia” billboard (the one with Kennedy). That happened in January, much before this election, even before Obama won election in his own party.


Today after news that Obama actually won this elections it is hard to say anything… frankly I didn’t believe that USA will get black president during my lifetime, but it is great feeling that it actually happened. It is like today actually started 21st century.

Of course Obama victory doesn’t mean any change in USA politics regarding Serbia, but it will be interesting to watch how Obama will deal with chaos left after George Bush.

Good luck Mr. President. You’ll need it.